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Purchase Your Application

Check over our terms and conditions and pay just £99 to start your application for divorce.


Complete Your Application

Log into your personal easydivorce account using the username and password provided. Once you have answered some further straight forward questions you will be able to see the divorce application form ready completed with most of your details, and detailed guidance to allow you to complete, print and sign the form.


Free Support

If you have any difficulties with your application, you can email us for free online help.


Look Out Your Marriage Certificate

You will need to have your marriage certificate. If you don't have this you can order one from the General Register Office for Scotland and we will provide you with information on how to do this.


Print Out Your Application

Print off your divorce application form and sign it. If it is based on one year's separation from your spouse, your spouse will need to sign it too. If it is based on two years' separation, there is no need for your spouse to sign it.


Have Your Application Notarised

Once the application has been signed by you (and your spouse if necessary) you will need to take it to a notary public who signs ("notarises") the form to confirm that you have sworn that all the information on the form is true.

Solicitors are notaries public. We can arrange for you to see a solicitor to have the form notarised, at a cost of £48 inclusive of VAT. Or you can take the form to any solicitor's office and ask for it to be notarised. There will be a charge for this. You will need to take with you the signed form, your marriage certificate and your passport or photocard driving licence or other suitable documents as identification.


Send Your Application To The Sheriff Court

Download from your personal account on our website the letter you need to send your completed and notarised application form to the appropriate Sheriff Court. You will also need to send a cheque for the court fee which is currently £111. The court fee of £111 will be valid until 31st March 2016.  From 1st April 2016 the fee will be £113 and from 1st April 2017 the fee will be £115. If you are sending a cheque this should be made payable to The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.


Wait For Your Divorce Certificate From The Courts

Your application will be processed by the court. Usually this takes six to eight weeks. The court must send a copy of the application to your spouse. In most cases this will be done by recorded delivery letter. However, in a few cases, if the application is returned by Royal Mail, Sheriff Officers will need to serve the application and the court will charge you an administrative fee of around £11.  In addition  you will have to pay the Sheriff Officers fees.  You can avoid this by alerting your spouse to the recorded delivery letter so that it is signed for. Once the application has been served on your spouse, provided that your spouse has not objected to divorce being granted, the court will issue your certificate of divorce and send it to you at your home address.

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